Child's Quilt Made with Little Apples Fabrics

  • $180.00

A cute and cozy patchwork quilt makes a perfect gift for a small child. This quilt has an interesting colour palette chosen by fabric designer Aneela Hoey and features all the fabrics from her "Little Apples" line. Colours are red, grey, tourqoise, white and mustard gold.

The fabrics have children playing ring around the rosey, little girls reading on the grass, squirrels, turtles and snails. All illustrated in Aneela's adorable style.

The squares are cut large to features the prints on the fabrics.

The entire quilt is quilted in wavy lines and is bound with solid slate grey fabric.

The back has cute squirrels by fabric house "Cotton + Steel" on a mustard yellow background. There is one seam on the back.

The batting is 80/20 cotton/poly Hobbs Heirloom batting.

All threads and fabrics are high quality and 100% cotton.

This quilt measures 47" x 56" and is a perfect size for a toddler bed or for cuddling up on the couch.