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Large Feather Print Zippered Retreat Bag - Project Bag

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This is a "Retreat Bag" made with a pattern by Emmaline Bags. It's called a retreat bag because it is perfect for taking on crafting retreats to hold smaller supplies and projects. When unzipped the bag stays open so you can see its contents and grab things easily. The sides are sturdy so it stands up on it's own because there are two layers of interfacing and one layer of fleece inside. There is a sturdy metal bag frame around the top opening inside the layers which also helps it to stay open. Two interior pockets help keep smaller tools or items accessible.

There is a feather print on the outside and on the lining. The interior pockets are a wood grain print. This bag also features a "handmade" tag on the front and a measuring tape ribbon tag on the bottom right side for decoration.

* Handmade with Feather prints
* Quilt shop quality cotton fabrics
* YYK nylon zipper
* 11.5" long x 6" wide x 7.5" tall
* two interior pockets

While being perfect for crafting retreats it is also perfect to take on trips to hold things like hair brushes, hair clips and ties. This bag is ready to ship.

Please contact me for a custom order in colors / themes that you prefer.

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