Sugar Skull Tote Bag with Iridescent Hardware

  • $99.00

All the heart eyes, just like the skulls on the lining, for this Sugar Skull Tote Bag made with stunning fabrics designed by Tula Pink.

There are three cameos of girls with their faces painted like sugar skulls. The girls have tattoos and pretty multicolored hair. One of the girls even has venus fly traps in her hair.

This bag would be fun around Halloween but can be used year round and no one will have a cooler tote bag than you!

The iridescent hardware matches beautifully with the fabric. The shoulder strap has a slider to adjust the length and attaches to two d-rings on the sides of the bag with swivel hooks.

The bag has a zipper closure to keep items secure and has four interior slip pockets. The bag is lined with bag foam for strength and stability and the lining fabrics are all interfaced as well with a cotton woven interfacing.

The lining fabric has skulls with heart eyes.

This bag is 15" wide x 13" tall by 5.5" deep so it's a great size to take all your things with you.

This one-of-a-king handmade bag is ready to ship!